The Concept of Human Security: A Step Against the Genocide of the Israelis

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Human Security Human Security The history of the year 1974 plays a vital role in the development of one of the important concepts ever invented, Humans security, when the US government had successfully formed alliance with the NATO nations and their forces against the German Nazis to stop the genocide of Israelis. With this accomplishment, soon a tension arose between the US government and NATO Administration. This tension mainly arose due to different establishments that were being made by the USA and the Soviet Unions. With this difference, the two super powers of that time had parted ways leaving some of the countries unable to choose which direction to follow. Those countries decided to remain neutral on their part and never moved to either side of the two super powers (Kaldor, 2007). Many historians have named this as the Cold War between the USA and NATO forces, which were being lead by Soviet Unions. The main reason to call this tension the Cold War was that despite of being heavily armed with nuclear weapons, the two forces never attempted for a physical war. The reason behind this can be stated as that if either of the forces had initiated a physical war, it could have destructed the mutual agreement and the mutual interests of the alliance. When this Cold War came into extermination, debates on security issues began which opened the way for expressing concerns about personal security and human rights. United Nations joined heads together to work upon something
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