The Concept of Liberty in US Political History: An Analytical Essay

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Introduction This analytical essay is commissioned to highlight the concept of Liberty in US political history along with an in-depth analysis of era which gave rise to several Political Parties in the United States during 1776-1803. Dating back to the era of 1783, in which the American Revolution came to its end, Americans nationals, specifically the white community of America, came in accord with a common perception regarding liberty of politics in the country and perceived the republican government (republicanism) as the best form of government which could stand for the societal good and prosperity while providing secure liberal societal milieu. On the other hand, there was another opposing yet prominent group in that era which was of the notion that these political parties can never serve a constituent of public life in America. This opposing group or faction observed political parties as the symbols of self-centeredness and thus, consider them a hindering factor in the success of the entire American nation. They firmly believed, as revealed by David Ramsay in 1789, that: "In no age before, and in no other country, did man ever posses an election of the kind of government, under which he [leader] would choose to live" (p.266). Consequently, this idealistic diversification led America to have two different contemplations of political liberty and chaotic perceptions regarding the most appropriate structure of governments to be implemented which can protect public
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