Essay about The Concept of Marriage

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Marriage is the bonding between people by social union or legal contract. Marriage is when two people have a wedding ceremony to exchange vows before God and their family. People spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on wedding ceremonies for something they have no clue of what they are getting into. Different cultures have their own concept of marriage. I am going to explore the biblical and social concept of marriage. People enter into marriage for different reasons. These reasons may include social, economical, religious, emotional, or for legal reasons. There are a lot of expectations on both parties entering into a marriage agreement. If these expectations are not fulfilled, people handle the problems differently. The overall…show more content…
More and more women are in the work-force as single moms. Marriage once was the thing to do before anything else was accomplished. Over the years that number has declined drastically. In 1960, two-thirds (68%) of all twenty-somethings were married. In 2008, just 26% were. Today that number is declining more in the United States based on an income-gap (Pew Research Center). A controversial issue in today's society is same-sex marriage that has also affected the decline of marriages in men and women.
Cohabiting has played another key factor in this decline. Most young adults want to take a trial run to be sure the partner is suitable enough to "tie the knot" with. They seek the friends with benefits concept and spend the rest of their young adulthood seeking that thrill. Today, marriage is at the bottom of the list. Most want to be financial stable before entering into marriage. Then there are some that are seeking to find their soul mate or the "perfect" mate.
My concept of finding someone that is marriage material is based on the individual. Sometimes we can have our standards set so high we spend our entire lives searching for a fantasy. Once that person wakes up and face reality, they should ask the question do I want to be alone the rest of my life. There are people looking for a certain mate to fulfill their needs when they are not willing to fulfill those same needs for themselves or another individual. Spending the rest
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