The Concept of Nationalism in the 20th and 21st Century

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As an important aspect in the development of the society, the concept of nationalism has basically been analyzed based on its impact on the emergence of nation-states across the globe. In most cases, these analyses have been conducted to determine the influence of nationalism on imperial breakdown i.e. the dissolution of empires. While the actual extent of the impact of nationalism on the imperial breakdown is uncertain, this concept has played a major role in the dissolution of empires. Generally, the transition to nationalism has contributed to significant effects in world history through shaping the political and social aspects of the society.
Description of Nationalism: Nationalism is generally described as the largely-held belief that individuals living in certain geographical spaces share unique historical and cultural customs, which provides them with the right to live in a sovereign political, state (Ellen, 2011). The description of nationalism provides the basis for understanding why national identities have strong emotional connections in lives of individuals. Actually, nationalism becomes an important aspect in modern personal identities and public events because of the emotional link with national communities. The significance of…
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