The Concept of Organizational Change

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Abstract In this paper, we present the concept of organizational change by using Tesco plc as our organization of choice. The concept of change is explored from definition to effects that it has on an organization. Change resistance and the resulting conflict are also discussed. Finally, a recommendation of how to effect change is provided., Introduction Organization culture, a term that which refers to a collection of policies, values, beliefs as well as attitudes (Mullins,2010) is a very critical element of any organization. This term is roughly used to denote the rather universal as well as general context for all the things that we think and perform within a given organization. In this paper, I discuss the implications of culture change in Tesco plc in order to exemplify the concept of organization culture as the effects that it might have on the operations of the company. Ways of managing organization culture are also presented. The company is famous for its loyalty as well as dedication to its customers. The staff as well as workplace policies of Tesco plc are tailored in a manner that creates the best experience for its customers. In order to achieve excellence, the staff at Tesco plc is trained to be extremely polite, helpful, and friendly and to be generally well-mannered. Tesco employees are instructed to do all that they can in ensuring that customer inquiries are appropriately answered and dealt with. As a perfect example, all Tesco stores have an employee
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