The Concept of Racism and Abuse of Power in Our Society Essay

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Pop Culture and Nursing Academic Paper Introduction This paper will use the movie Crash (Haggis, 2005) to examine the concept of racism and abuse of power in our society. Haggis demonstrates how everyone’s lives are intertwined and how the powerfully destructive impact of racist views impede ones ability to function justly. Madeline Leningers theory on transcultural nursing along with the RNAO guidelines and an article called Racism and Its Implications in Ethical-Moral Reasoning in Nursing Practice: A tentative approach to a largely unexplored topic written by Maya Shaha (1998) will help exhibit the repercussions racism has for nurses and the many other health care professionals. Brief Summary of the Movie The film Crash…show more content…
There are different situations that may arise in nursing with regards to racism. There may be nurse-patient racism, patient-nurse racism, patient-patient racism, and nurse-nurse racism. All of these types of scenarios that may present themselves do not result in the best care for a client. Being exposed to racism in the health care field can lead to stress related to making ethical decisions. A racist mind-set may be articulated through negative remarks about culturally different clients. Shaha (1998) states that According to Leininger, nurses’ ethnocentric attitudes towards culturally different clients may result in difficulties in nurse–client relationships. Such difficulties may have an ethical–moral dimension. In maintaining an ethnocentric attitude towards these clients, nurses may violate their dignity and autonomy (Leininger, 1991 as cited by Shaha, 1998). In the first type of scenario, if a nurse is racist towards a patient they may not take their cultural beliefs or rituals seriously, which my damage the trust you have with that patient. A nurse needs to be culturally aware when dealing with different races. Leninger (1991) describes it best when she writes that transcultural nursing is a comparative study of cultures to understand similarities (culture universal) and differences (culture-specific) across human groups. Furthermore, Leininger (1999) illustrates that our biases and prejudice usually come

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