The Concept of Sex Appeal and Its Influence on the Consumer

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In this constantly modernizing world it can be quite hard to avoid excessive visual bombardment. The cities are filled with imagery that people a few decades ago deemed impossible. A sexual revolution has greatly impacted the marketing techniques of major organizations. As the new generation of young adults, we desire to understand how the phenomenon of sex appeal came about and why it influences so many of us on a daily basis. In our quest to gain more knowledge about this topic we seek to find out if basic variables such as gender and age in relation to sex appeal influence purchasing. More complex variables such as confidence and the personal interpretation of the individual’s beauty/attractiveness may give us more insight into the…show more content…
Sex appeal in advertising can negatively impact the consumer which lacks self confidence as the overly styled images of beautiful and sensual faces act as bait. The more unhappy one is, the more one will depend on products and buyable commodities to ease this self doubt. A study conducted by researchers from the university of Illinois and Minnesota stated that “By the time children reach early adolescence, and experience a decline in self-esteem, the stage is set for the use of material possessions as a coping strategy for feelings of low self-worth.” (Sato, 2007). The article also explains that a lot in terms of societal happiness has changed over the past 50 years, “Yet as societies become richer, they do not become happier. In fact, the First World has more depression, more alcoholism and more crime than fifty years ago.” Along with the need to earn more to be able to consume more comes a range of problems which use the consumer as their prime target. Compulsive shopping is a disorder continuously affecting insecure consumers. This sickness was discovered by German psychiatrist, Emil Kräpelin and is “characterised by an irresistible urge to buy items that are either unneeded or unwanted…most compulsive buyers are young women who spend excessive amounts on clothing, shoes and makeup.” (Andreasen Et. Al, 2006) Here one can identify that
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