The Concept of Sociological Perspective of Deviance Essays

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The concept of Sociological Perspective of Deviance also known as “rule-breaking” behavior or “counter culture” can be defined as culture norms, values, and morals which shape the social acceptance of individuals or group through their actions or “unmoral or illegal” behavior.
In order to gain a better understanding of Sociological Perspective of Deviance it is important to understand the broad consensus of behavior and its place in society. Situational deviance pertains to a group who engages in behavior that is considered “non- defiant and acceptable “however the behavior is still viewed as societally deviant. “Bad” deviance pertains to criminal behavior such as murder, rape, theft, and physical, mental or emotional abuse inflicted on
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The punishment is a significant form of deterrence because its consequences are illustrated in a manner that allows everyone (even those who have not broken the law) a clear depiction of the punishment inflicted on those who do.

Although based on violations against social norms, which in turn warrants disapproval from majority of society; deviance in sociology can be viewed as criminal or non-criminal. Those violations can vary from ones participation in alcoholism, excessive gambling, public nudity, arson (playing with fire), theft, lying, and refusal to maintain proper hygiene (refusal to bathe). Other acts of deviance can include; prostitution and engaging in sexual activity with members of the same sex. Because ones behavior can be determined as a crime from one society to another; understanding sociology allows a better understanding of how ones society is affected by crime as a whole. The punishment implemented on the individual or group varies between cultures and time periods. In order for societies to remain ahead of deviance, they must initiate ways to control it through internal and external control. Internal pertains to what exist within individual’s moral or social codes of behavior. The external control of deviance pertains to systems created by society for the sole purpose of regulatory deviance. Deviance can be labeled pathological to the point of those defined as deviants; are “sick” individuals who

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