The Concept of Statistics

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Statistics Statistics is defined as the mathematical science study of collection, organization, analysis as well as interpretation of numerical information from a given set of data (American Statistical Association, 2013). Types of statistics There are basically two types of statistics that are commonly used in science, mathematics and even business; the descriptive statistics and the inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics: this organizes, describes and summarizes information from data. The limitations in this kind of data come when one is to use generalizations. Inferential statistics: here, there is use of information from a selected sample in order to draw conclusion about the entire population. It is used to show the relation between the sample and the entire population using a particular variable. Here, there can be use of statistics to draw generalization but with acknowledgement that there could be some flaws. Levels of measurement of statistics Nominal level Here, there is no use of exact numerical values or quantitative values but utilization of names, labels as well as categories in measuring or categorizing the data. One example is the color of cars within a given model range as red, silver, blue and black. Ordinal level Though variables here can be arranged in a given order, the differences between these data values are not significant or are meaningless. For instance the grading of 17 pairs of shoes where 6 were rated as being very
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