The Concept of Strategic Leadership

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Introduction In the original assignment, this author answered the question of what strategy means, what leadership means, what strategic leadership means and what execution means. In this essay, the author will answer these questions again and speak about what has changed. Analysis After reading the course text and materials, the author's views have changed considerably. What has changed is the real world applications of strategic leadership. Initially, this author felt that leadership was a kind of ability to handle or control a group or an organization members to do things together ass a group. Leadership includes a lot of conditions, such as communications, statements and agreements. Originally, strategy meant how to plan to lead a group or an organization by the leadership. The term strategic leadership meant that to be a good leader should represent different kinds of leadership to head each different group or organization. Finally, execution to the author originally meant putting some things together that the company or organization is developing. The developed ideas are listed below. Leadership The concept of leadership is not new and it has been suggested that it was philosophers from ancient civilizations who first started to examine the definition of leadership. The oldest known military text The Art of War (circa 400 BC) states: 'The masterful leader cultivates the moral law, and strictly adheres to proper methods and discipline...(Tzu, 2003)"
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