The Concept of Sustainability in Today's Business Leadership

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In today's business world, the concept of sustainability has become paramount for sound practice. Indeed, any company that publicly makes itself liable to unsustainable practice tends to be maligned by its customers and rivals alike. Human-created environmental disasters such as the one involving BP recently proves the point that companies can no longer take a cavalier attitude towards environmental concerns. For this reason, an increasing amount of business leaders are focused upon increasing the sustainability of their business. Indeed, in the long term environmental sustainability also means business sustainability. This is a philosophy that Gary Hirshberg, leader of Sonyfield Yogurt, has accepted since the inception of his business. By means of sustainable and charismatic leadership practices, Mr Hirshberg has managed to create a business that is both environmentally sustainable and stable in terms of longevity, customer, and stakeholder relationships. In order to reach its current status of sustainability and sound business practice in terms of the environment, Gary Hirshberg has worked with his company and Stonyfield Farms to create a mission and vision that focuses on sustainability not only in terms of the environment but also in terms of the customers he serves. As such, the mission includes a commitment to "healthy food, healthy people, a healthy planet, and a healthy business" (Stonyfield Farms). Interestingly, the concepts of a healthy business and a healthy
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