Essay on The Concept of Transformational Leadership

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The concept of transformational leadership relies on appropriate leadership approaches for mission success. AFDD 1-1 describes three leadership competencies: person, people/team, organization Effective leaders (tactical level) need to build face-to-face and interpersonal relationships that directly influence behavior and values. Effective leaders (operational level) need to build team dynamics for small groups and squadrons. Effective leaders (strategic level) need to build strategy and provide direction in a broad spectrum. Leadership at the tactical level is built on personal interaction. This type of leadership is face to face and encourages adherence to policy and procedures. This leadership also takes into account the human element…show more content…
Olds believed improve living conditions would help improve moral. He was willing to use resources to affect the quality of life for his airmen. This willingness to improve quality of life enhanced his stature as a transformational leader. The Fighter Pilot leadership focused on team first. Olds was the father figure. His men knew he cared. His leadership was showing them you can and they will follow you. Olds led his team by protecting them. He trusted their decision in combat and provided top cover if leadership ever questioned their decisions. Olds was not a leader to through a pilot under the bus. In fact, Olds would place the focus on himself if there were an error in combat. Yet, he would give praise to pilots for successful missions. In addition, Olds cared for the team when there was a tragedy in combat. He understood the mission had to continue, but he also understood the grief of his team. His willingness to care during tragedy remains one of his strongest transformational traits. Olds was not a cold or stubborn leader. Olds was a fighter pilot with the ability to lead others. He understood there were other critical areas necessary for a successful mission. Mission success included people success. The motto, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way” is the motto to his transformational leadership. Leadership at the operational level builds team dynamics for small groups and squadrons. In World War II, the Air Corps looked to Curtis LeMay to help guide a
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