The Concept of the African Diaspora

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The contemporary society has started to express a lot of interest in cultural values in the recent years and the concept of the African Diaspora has received a lot of attention from the general public as a result of the complex ideas that it puts across. There are a series of notable figures from the nineteenth century who proved that the African Diaspora would have a significant influence on the Western World, considering that these people were determined to express their passion in regard to their background and to their overall role on the American continent. The concept of the African Diaspora goes back several millennia, at the time when people in Antiquity either traveled to other sides of the world because they wanted to expand their influence or were simply forced to leave their homes in order to be slaves. In order to understand more regarding the African Diaspora in the Americas, one needs to focus on earlier periods "before the rise of American slavery and the transatlantic slave trade" (Gomez 7). Although individuals in the U.S. mainly focus on trying to comprehend African culture through focusing on people who were brought on the American continent during the slave trade, the center of attention should actually be represented by African tradition that was devised over several centuries and before African people interacted with white individuals. Many people today promote the belief that African Diaspora directly results from the transatlantic slave trade. Even
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