The Concept of the Messiah within Judasim and the Development of the Messanic Tradition Within Christianity

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This paper will compare the concept of the Messiah within Judaism and the development of the messianic tradition within Christianity. Consideration will be given to Judaic thought on how this religion understands the concept of the Messiah. Defining how throughout history it shaped the foundation of this religion to distinguish its own individual identity. Analysis will focus on the abstraction of the Messiah and how Jewish believers interpret the coming of the Mashiach in connection with the prophecy of Isaiah. Discussing how eschatology is understood in this religion compared to Christianity, and how different Jewish groups define the Messiah prophecy from early history up until the modern day era. The paper will also discuss the…show more content…
Moses was a great prophet and he received the 613 commandments from God at Mount Sinai these laws created the foundation the Jewish law. Moses led the people to the Promised Land in which he died. Houses, alters where built and

many settled in this land. “It was at this time Palestine was under conflict and the only chance of the survival was to come under a single ruler, Saul .Savage, (1996:35) Defeat came and Saul killed himself. It was at this time King David came to power. In the scripture his inspiration and loyalty is renowned. David was a devout worshipper of Yahweh and was guided through priestly oracles and cult prophets “Green, (1973:125) he brought peace to Jerusalem and established this country as a religious united nation. Many others conquered Israel and until Judah rose to be patriarch of Judah in which Antonine Marcus Aurelius consolidated relations and the Jewish Law was formulated known as the Mishna it contained codes, ethics and rules to be followed and formed the basis of the Talmud. It was at this time prophets such Elijah whose work was carried on by, Elisha, Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel were concerned for moral standards and proclaimed the need for true worship, justice and Righteousness needed to prevail, the prophets bonded the relationship of absolute faith in which Judaism was saved, without the prophets Christianity would never have being established. After so much conflict and exile the Jewish people

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