The Conception Of Dreams Is Interesting Because It Helps Us Subconscious

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Dreams can occur at anytime of the day. Some people day-dream at school or work while others dream at night. Even if you did not dream last night, you probably have earlier in life or even before reading this sentence. Have you ever had a dream you forgot to print out a worksheet and got in trouble for it at school? Then, you wake up with your heart racing and print out the worksheets before you forget. How are dreams created during sleep? During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the brain gathers images and thoughts to create realistic or imaginative dreams. There has been some debate if these dreams could actually help someone in their life. Whether it helps them just a little or substantially, people can use all the help they can receive.…show more content…
As stress accumulates, depressive moods and thoughts develop day after day which creates an unhealthy atmosphere for anyone. This could lead to negative thoughts and unproductivity of any task at hand. However, one of the solutions discovered to help with the depressing thoughts and moods was through dreaming at night. According a study performed by Rosalind Cartwright, the study showed that 72% of the subjects had less depression after dreaming (Chatterjee). How was this possible? There was a decreased development of depression while moods changed throughout the night. This could be explained by experiencing a pleasant dream which causes a release of pleasure neurotransmitters such as serotonin or dopamine. Pleasant dreams could be anything from superpowers related to even sexual. Another interesting thing about dreams, it can help someone find a problem that is bothering them through nightmares or dream adventures. Therefore, “an explication of a dream can lead to understanding personality dynamics and promote behavioral change” (Merced 183). Dreams could point out personality dynamics that need changing following a traumatic experience. People’s personality changes with every experience that occurs to them; therefore, it is possible to be happy one day then sad another day. Dreams can lead the dreamer to the problem and help get them mentally back on track. With dreams mentally being able to help,

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