The Conception Of Morality Is Present Throughout Human Civilization

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Everette Somers Amie Zimmer PHIL 101 Essay 4 The conception of morality is present throughout human civilization. In every society, there exists a paradigm for how one should act. From a broad perspective, it seems that there are some moral principles which are ubiquitous. There are certain activities or behaviors which are believed to be objectively wrong by the majority of individuals across cultures, such as murder, lying, stealing, and betrayal. This indicates that there are virtues—respect for human life, honesty, loyalty—which are inherent in these specific moral principles, as well as cross-cultural. Considering this, it is easy for one to submit to the notion that there is an absolute moral code which dictates human behavior. Conversely, closer inspection reveals that the moral codes of individual societies are widely variable, which makes these universal virtues difficult to recognize or seemingly irrelevant. Although it is evident that there are values which are present within all cultures, this apparent universality is not sufficient evidence that humans possess an innate moral instinct. Hence, there is no absolute moral code which is innate, but there are moral principles which seem to be intrinsic to human society, as well as universal throughout history and across cultures. These principles are not “hard-wired” into biological systems, nor are they handed to us by a transcending source, but they arise from fundamental human nature through interaction with our
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