The Concepts Decision Making And Reasoning

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Humans have gained a decisive advantage as far as cognition, which is how we acquire information and understanding through thought and experience and use that knowledge in everyday life (Dessimoz, 2016). Cognitive concepts include attention, consciousness, memory, langage, problem solving, creativity, decision making, and reasoning (Sternberg, 2016). The focus of this paper will be of the two concepts decision making and reasoning and how they relate to the recent shootings of African-American individuals. Since the media has brought attention to this topic, the country has begun to split. African-American individuals group all Caucasians into the racist category due to the behaviors of a select few, and the presidential election didn’t help at all. The reunification between races, and realizing not all “white people” are out to get you is what brings importance to this paper. Decision making is implicit or explicit behavior that requires a judgement and decision to be made (Dong , Du, & Qi, 2016). Reasoning is the process of drawing conclusions from principles of evidence (Sternberg, 2016). Previous experiences can effect both decision making and judgement. This is apparent in the police shootings as they are subject to stereotypes, biases, and heuristics. Even before taking this class, I knew there was something more that was influencing the shooting of the African-American males rather than the simple fact of the officer being racist. Even as family members
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