The Concepts Of Accessibility, Assessment, And Backwards Design

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Chap. 7 1
Taking the concepts of accessibility, assessment, and backwards design, how do you approach collaboration with content teachers?

As we are aware from the previous readings and our own experiences, content teachers are experts in subject matters, while the ESOL teachers are experts in the matters related to language acquisition. I think that the key when approaching collaboration is to let the content teachers know that we are very aware of their expertise in the content areas. We should let them know that we want to collaborate in making the content more accessible to our ELs. In consider that if the content teachers can explain to us, the ESOL teachers, how the students are going to be assessed, and then we can work with
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It is each teacher’s responsibility on the methods they will use to work with such tier 2 words. However, the challenge I have noticed in my school is that the other content teachers, such as science or social studies, will not pay too much attention to explaining many of the tier 1 words that the students do not know. As the authors in the chapter mentioned, “Part of creating accessible instruction is making no assumptions about what students know”. I consider that such teachers are making the false assumptions that their students have knowledge of many of the tier 1 words mentioned or discussed in their lessons.

How do you help students engage in the process of verbalizing their knowledge?

Chap. 8 3
What ideas and challenges resonated with you when reading this chapter? Have you experienced anything close to this?

One of the things that resonated with me was the mention of that in order to better collaborate; teachers should investigate their teaching in an honest and forthright manner. I think that many teachers do not want to modify their teaching styles, even if such style is not the best fit for their students’ learning. Another thing that I agree from this chapter is the mention of the importance of analyzing the language of the texts. This is an ongoing problem I experience in my school. Content teachers such as science or social studies will only utilize the grade level books that the county will issue to
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