The Concepts Of Religious Faith

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The concepts of religious faith, theology, belief and spirituality are all interconnected and very easy to get mixed up. This is because they all have something to do with the other. Richard P. Mcbrien explains how religious faith, theology, beliefs, and spirituality are all connected. Theology follows faith and belief follows Theology. Faith is our personal knowledge of God through human experiences and our openness to his love. Theology is our understanding of faith as revealed by God and our articulation of it. Beliefs are accepting these theological conclusions as true even without clear and convincing evidence. Spirituality is the practice of these beliefs, letting the spirit guide ones life. Although it’s easy to mix up the meaning of faith and belief or get confused the difference in understanding faith in Theology and being filled by God in your spirituality it’s pretty easy to grasp once you see how each influences the other.

Religious Faith is our response to Gods unconditional love and our openness to having him work in our life in the way we present ourselves and how we treat others. It’s letting God love us and having a relationship with him in all parts of our life. Religious faith is not the same as human faith but is a result of Human faith. Human faith leads to religious faith but if you have a shaky human faith you will not have a strong religious faith. For example I know people who don’t have faith in God because they don’t have faith in humans and God
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