The Concepts Of Software Engineering

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Today Software engineering is the most promising and advanced fields in the market. So certain methodologies should be applied to make it a persistent and ever developing in the coming future. This term paper mainly concentrates on the Case Methods, which provide not only knowledge of software engineering but also the problem solving and thinking ability among the practitioners. Introducing the concepts of software Engineering in Educational institutions creates awareness among the students not only with the knowledge of the subject but also the problems faced in the real world, which further reduces the burden when they enter the software industry. This paper focuses on features of Case Methods, their importance and benefits to individuals who practice them.
Software Engineering is the way of employing engineering concepts and methods to analyze the requirements and then design, implement, test and maintain the software (Laplante 2007). According to, in order to perform the above tasks, a software engineer has to have a complete knowledge of everything right from understanding the need of software (its end users, applications of the software, its limitations etc.) to the programming language that is best suited for development of software and the right way of testing it. So, a software engineer should be well versed with technological advancements, computer architecture and hardware. Software engineering is a vast
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