The Concepts That Are Focused Upon In These Two Lesson

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The concepts that are focused upon in these two lesson plans include the idea and ability to apply mathematical and symbolic models that can relate to the ideal product formation from a given set of reactant masses and chemical reaction classification. The other concept is that reactions occurring in our world always includes errors, which affect the amount of product we receive from a reaction. Mathematical “Yields” allow us to calculate the relationships and differences between the ideal calculated products and the masses we obtain from experiments. Students will be expected to root many of their decisions and processes based on the concept of the conservation of matter and energy established within the universe. This fundamental…show more content…
The last few days is rooted in applying all these new concepts in a laboratory experiment that results in the students supporting argumentative claims based on data-driven evidence and justification. Day one of this unit revolves around determining the prior knowledge levels of the students. If the students do not recall the skills and strategies necessary for balancing chemical equations, I will spend a day reviewing the crucial material before I introduce the new concepts. This process of assessing the students’ understanding will be used throughout the unit. Everyday life is a crucial element for engaging the students with science. Within this unit the calculation for the percent yield can be applied outside of the sciences. I could present a problem in which the students had to calculate the percent error associated with the amount of friends that showed up to their graduation party. No student will be ignored in my classroom. I will always be available for questions and assistance during prep-periods. When it comes to the lesson plans in this unit, each lesson will be constructed in a manner that includes several examples, definition, and models in order to teach and provide content in various forms of stimuli (visual, audible, tangible). Specific examples include the use of group discussions within my fifth lesson. The use of group discussions can support groups of students who may struggle with the scientific
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