The Conceptual Framework of the Health Promotion Model

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The health promotion model was proposed by Nola J Pender – PhD, RN, FAAN – a well known former professor of nursing at the University of Michigan (1982, revised in 1996). This model was designed as a complementary counterpart to the models of health protection. The model defines health as a positive dynamic state of health and not merely the absence of disease. Health promotion is directed towards increasing a client’s level of well being. The model described the various multi-dimensional nature of person as they are consistently interacting within their environment to pursue optimal levels of health.29
Nola J Pender defined her concepts into two broad classification, health promotion and health protection. Health promotion is the behavior motivated by the desire to increase well-being and to actualize potentiality of human health. It is an approach to wellness of health.
Nola J Pender described health protection or illness prevention as behavior motivated desire to actively avoid illness, to detect it at an early stage and to maintain functioning within the constraints of illness.30
The models identifies that each person has unique personal characteristics and experiences that can bring about subsequent actions. The set of variables for behavioral specific knowledge and effect have important motivational significance. These variables can be modified through…
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