The Concerning Issue of Air Pollution

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One of the most concerning issues that has affected the entire world is air pollution, but we do not seemed to see it as a serious problem to take care off until now. Scientist from the World Health Organization released information on their research that was taken place in 2012. About 7 million lives around the world was claimed by air pollution and more than one third were from fast developing countries from India to Japan, but China was the most concentrated area of air pollution. China has a goal to urbanize very quickly that the cities do not think about planning on proper waste dumping and helping the environment. The mast movement of urbanization will affect the farmers greatly because they rely on the environment to be clean and using the sun to help grown their crops. The World Bank study offered advice to China that building dense cities will be more efficient so the people in China could avoid larger risk of pollution from long commutes traveling and high energy consumption. China did listen to the advice but they still want to reach their goal. China wants about 60 percent of the population to be living in cities by 2020, as of right now they are at 54 percent of their goal. The World Bank and World Health Organization said the greatest threats to human health are burning noxious fuels from coal, wood, and animal waste. (Jacobs and Johnson, 2014) China’s largest reason for air pollution is the use of coal, because two-thirds of the country uses it for energy.
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