The Concert At Alice Tully Hall

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Throughout the semester, I went to several concerts, some classical in nature, some more popular, and even a bit of house music made by DJs-which was not really my style. One of the concerts that took me out of my comfort zone the most was performed by a Juilliard Orchestra and conducted by Juilliard faculty member, Jeffrey Millarsky.
The concert took place at Alice Tully Hall, a Lincoln Center concert venue. It is not as large as Lincoln Center’s opera house, but still a sizable space and it was quite full. The audience was comprised mostly of older adults, many of whom were probably aficionados of classical music, or of Lincoln Center shows in general. There were also some students there to support their classmates, some of whom were talking loudly behind me about how they had fallen asleep at the last show “Jeff” had conducted. There were also likely some family members who were supporting specific students. For example, I noticed how important the night must be for the first violinist and her family as I watched her shake hands with the conductor, and later the viola soloist, this was the culmination of years of work. Then there was me, who did not really fit into any of the other categories of audience members. Fortunately, it was nothing like a high school show where someone might notice you do not belong. It was professional.
Even the room was such a professional feeling space. One of the loudly talking kids talked about how he “loved the way sound cut in Tully” and…
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