The Concert Hall At Lincoln Center

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This was my first time to attend the music concert, and I am very enjoyed both of them. The first one I went was in the David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center. And the second one I went was Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Music Center. Compare with each music hall, I like the David Geffen Hall better not just because it’s big and having many seats, it is first buildings completed on the Lincoln Center site and home to one of its first resident organization. The New York Philharmonic is the oldest symphony orchestra in the U.S. Today. I registered for the student rush tickets, so many of the music tickets are just $16, which sounds nice to me and to have enjoyed more and more music concerts. Merkin Concert Hall is much smaller than the David Geffen Hall. However, I like their music event because most of them either having the lower price or free shows.
I had arrived 15 minutes before the Orchestra concert began. When I found my seats, I took a look around. Most of the people dressed casually. However, there were still having server students who like me had a notebook and a pen in the hand trying to take notes. My seat was a little far away from the stage, so I was unable to see how many musicians and what kinds of music instruments they play. Therefore, I had ideas which I took out the phone and tried to take pictures. However, on the stage, it was “please turn off your cell phone and electronic devices.” So I immediately put my phone back into the bag. This was happening before…
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