The Concert I Went To Was The Sue Palmer And The Motel

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The concert I went to was The Sue Palmer and the Motel Swing Quintet on March 14th at Tio Leo’s in Linda Vista. Within the quintet there was Sue Palmer, Deejha Marie, Pete Harrison, Sharon Shufet, and Jonny Viau. Sue Palmer was the pianist who has been playing jazz music for decades all over the world with top name composers and arrangers. Deejha Marie was the vocalist for the group, Pete Harrison played the bass, Sharon Shufet played the drums, and Jonny Viau played the tenor sax and baritone sax depending on the song. The ambience of the concert didn’t have that old-school jazz concert feel. It was at a Mexican restaurant on its bar side. The bar had minimal lighting, booths around the stage, confetti looking banners across the ceiling,…show more content…
The rhythm of the song has a harmonious tone throughout the song. In this song, the timbre has a deep intense color to it making it more interesting for the audience. Emotional content for this song comes with the singer Deejha Marie as she interacts with all the performer in this high beat song. The song has an upbeat tempo that brings everyone up and out of their seats to dance on the dance floor. Jonny playing the sax was into the song and was grooving out, at one point when on the dance floor with his sax and started playing it in the middle of everyone dancing. From start to finish this song makes you want to get up and get rowdy. Sue Palmer the pianist towards the end hits some nice intense piano notes that make the song. In the song, there is a trombone player that wasn’t at the concert but in the actual song she has a solo that’s awesome. The third song of the concert that I was interested in was called “Im Blue”. The general character of this song is mellow and has a New Orleans jazz melody to it. Rhythm in the song has a nice calming harmonious tone to it throughout. The timbre in this song is calming color to it making it a peaceful piece. The emotional content in this song come from the sax player when it’s his time to shine the whole band engages with everyone grooving out. The tempo of the song is very calming and brings you into a relaxing body feel. The emotional content also comes from the lyrics itself rather than from

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