The Concert Of The Packed Recital Hall

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In the packed recital hall, an orchestra performs their warmup rituals. The venue boasts of chandeliers, perfect lighting, cushioned seats and richly carpeted aisles leading to the stage on which stands a Steinway grand piano in front of the orchestra. The pianist and conductor mount the stage. The soloist bows while the audience claps. Silence descends on the room and the performer takes a seat at the piano. Strains of beautiful music emanate from the instruments and fill the room. The pianist’s fingers fly across the keys. Amazed, the audience listens in total silence. One of the greatest composers had left his mark on this audience. The piece was the Concerto No.1 in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. He was the greatest composer not just because of that piece but also considering music history, his personal story, his popularity during lifetime, the volume of his compositions, the make-up of his music, and familiarity today. Music history is divided four main time periods. Famous musicians lived and composed masterpieces throughout all four eras. The Baroque period, from 1600-1750, was characterized by ornamented and extravagant pieces. Well known musicians, Bach and Handel, achieved recognition for their choral works during this time. The Classical period spanning from 1750-1825, differentiates from the Baroque period in that music employed strict and simple technique. At the peak of the Classical period, Mozart and Beethoven produced orchestral and instrumental works.

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