The Concert Of The World- Concert

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Booming noises, flashing lights, and being crushed by dozens of other people, an epileptic’s worst nightmare. All of these things blended together form my favorite thing in the world- concerts. One of the best concerts I have ever experienced was this summer. My sister, Natalie, and I drove to Council Bluffs to finally see our favorite bands Panic! At the Disco and Weezer live. That particular day was labelled the hottest day of the year. The heat was almost almost unbearable. The photos we took were unpostable due to the rings of sweat that encircled our armpits and necklines. Umbrellas kept the excruciating heat off of our neck, but since the sidewalk had been baking in the sun all morning we could not sit on the sidewalks. Frequent trips into the casino were the only refuge from the agonizing heat. Luckily, we brought a whole case of water for ourselves and our friends. Unfortunately, the water was almost boiling temperature instantly. The rest of our group was made up by my friends Sami, Edina, Chloe, and Lacey. Sami, Edina, Natalie, and I planned to be there first and hold a spot for Chloe and Lacey, since Chloe can not medically handle the heat. We already formed our plan of how we would get the best spots, but some strangers helped us out immensely. The kindness of these people taught us a very important and lasting lesson. Sometimes, the least likely people will help you out the most. The people we met towered over us. From a distance, they could be

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