The Concert : The Kaleidoscope Concert

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In analyzing a concert, I have chosen the Kaleidoscope concert performed in the Hammer Theatre that of which grasped upon many elements and tones of music throughout a number of periods. To begin, the Kaleidoscope concert was unlike any other concert imaginable, it was truly an effervescent example of the culmination of all music into one elongated performance that exemplified the beauty of music and its ability to draw emotion from its human counterparts. The concert began immediately with an orchestral setting behind an alluring red backdrop. The conductor with supreme confidence, extenuated tempo and effortlessly commanded his musicians, in a manner that can be likened to a general leading his troops into battle. Oboes, Clarinets, Tubas…show more content…
The audience was fully enamored in the performance these two put on, it was quite probably the most humorous dynamic established within the concert. The two performers ebbed and flowed with each other in a way that illuminated the beauty in each their performances whilst also keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Following this, the performance shifted unto a string based showcase of wildly high level musicians flaunting their craft. A beautiful dark blue took the backdrop of the stage as performers in a unified black shade of suits and dresses were arranged for their piece. Violins, Violas, and Cellos amongst other were included in the lethargy of string based music. The performance was strikingly similar to that of the previous orchestral performance. It was a prodding and calculated effort that left the audience dazzled as a result of the brilliance at hand. Furthermore, as the next performance was called upon, we saw a plethora of performers gather alongside the right side of the stage, so as to make visible space for the elaborate ballet performance that was to follow. This performance consisted solely of vocals accompanied by a sole pianist. The blue backdrop created a sense of wonder and interest as a sole ballet performer lied down and slowly, alongside the tempo of the music built
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