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The Concert of Europe The Congress System, which took the form of a series of congresses and diplomatic meetings held between 1818 and 1822, can be regarded as a practical expression of the rather general concept of the Concert of Europe. The Concert of Europe was an attempt to regularize the conflicting ambitions of the Great Powers in the interests of Europe as a whole. As such, its effectiveness was dependant on the willingness of all five Great Powers to show moderation in the pursuit of their individual interests. Without this, it would be impossible to reach a consensus on important issues. Although The Concert’s main aim was to maintain peace, revolts in different areas of Europe such as…show more content…
By the terms of the Treaty, whereas Britain might intervene alone in Portugal in defence of its measures, France was specifically forbidden from doing so in Spain. After a combination of the Spanish army and British navy destroyed the absolutist forces of King Miguel and Don Carlos in the spring of 1834, Miguel fled but Carlos presented more of a problem, as he renewed his claim and raised more troops, joining forces with the Basques in their flight for independence. But neither Britain nor France was prepared for Guerrilla warfare so they therefore refused the Spanish Queen’s appeals for official military aid in 1835, sending token forces of volunteers or irregular troops instead. The recriminations between Britain and France was as a result from Palmerston’s reluctance to allow France the opportunity to restore her influence in Madrid by lending more effective aid to the liberal causes. The friction that was being created by France’s and Britain’s involvement with the Spanish crisis was proving to be a threat to the Concert of Europe. As Britain and France were two of the major powers who were influential in the Concert and it decisions, it would be completely inappropriate to have disagreements and continuing conflict between these two powers when deciding on major issues. This would mean that the Concert would not

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