The Concrete Garbage Heap : New York City

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The Concrete Garbage Heap

New York City is the centerpoint of thousands of films and pieces of literature, a city whose charm can be felt through words or pictures. Lights, brighter than life itself, blend with a cacophony of car horns and shouts to create an addictive mix of chaos. The glamour and sparkle of New York City is dramaticized to be an all encompassing feeling of wonder that one keeps with them for the rest of their lives. In the spring of this past year, the band program I participated in was given the once in a lifetime chance to perform in New York. Being obsessed with the city since I was a child, I gladly leapt at the opportunity. However, actually navigating the fabled concrete jungle makes one realize that New York City is not the shining beacon of wonder and amazement that it is thought to be. When I was a child, I’d heard of New York City and it’s splendor, but I’d never seen a picture of the city itself, or heard anyone describe it in full detail. My nonchalant attitude took a complete one-eighty when the Christmas film Elf was released. In the film, the city is displayed from the sidewalk to the top of the Empire State in a short two minutes. Two minutes was all it took for six year old me to become completely enamored. I planned out my entire life living in a high rise apartment in Times Square, going out every day to explore the city until I knew every corner and building by name. At the time of the band trip, however, New York had become much
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