The Condition Of Being Disabled Essay

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Merriam-Webster defines disability as, “the condition of being disabled; limitation in the ability to pursue an occupation because of a physical or mental impairment; a program providing financial support to one affected by disability; lack of legal qualification to do something; a disqualification, restriction, or disadvantage” (1), but what does being disabled or at a disadvantage really mean? In the definition, variations of the word qualify are used more than once, meaning that from the viewpoint of society, people with disabilities do not meet whatever the required standards of life are in this world and in their state, they are not capable of doing so. Who are we to stereotype and stigmatize those of us who are incapacitated, according to the world, of doing, thinking, attaining, and achieving certain things, whether they be privileges, monies, lifestyles, or any other thing that a “normal” member of society would naturally be able to come across? Persons with disabilities come in all shapes and sizes and none of them look the same. Disabilities range from Psychical, Mobile, Cognitive, Psychological, Learning, and invisible, to Spinal cord, Brain, Hearing, and Vision. Physical and Mobility disabilities are those of Limbs, Co-ordination, and Dexterity. Cognitive and Learning are often grouped together along with Psychological and some disabilities within this group are Dyslexia, ADHD, Schizophrenia, and Mood disorders. Brain and Spinal cord injuries are SCI’s, ABI’s,
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