The Conditions Of The Marine Environment

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The conditions of the marine environment place special demands on the design and use of a camera (ERT Task Sheet, 2015). An average above surface camera cannot simply be made waterproof using a camera housing in order to operate effectively underwater. There are special demands created by various aspects of the marine environment for example, the lens must be designed specifically to recorrect the distortion created by refraction and strobes must be placed away from the camera to avoid backscatter. Refraction mainly occurs when underwater photographers use a flat port (Deep Ocean Diving - Underwater vision, n.d.). These factors would be the reason as to why the camera would not produce accurate or high quality photographs of the scenery underwater. There are a great deal of physical changes when taking photographs underwater however not all of them are a disadvantage. Throughout this essay some issues within underwater photography will be discussed along with the issue of refraction through lenses when photographers use flat ports and how to solve this issue.
The conditions of the marine environment:
There are many conditions of the marine environment that vary considerably when taking photographs underwater rather than on land. These conditions include temperature, pressure, light, visibility distances, refractive indices and many more (Task Sheet, 2015). However, refractive indices will be the main focus of this essay.
Figure 1: Refractive Index Index of…
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