The Conduit / Container Perspective And The Pragmatist Perspective

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The conversation between me and my friend was recorded after the microbiology class. It was held in a very quiet room which was located on the top of the building. Through the window, I could see autumn breeze tickling the trees softly. It was a perfect day to have a relaxed a conversation. After writing the transcript, I learned how each person has different ways of talking and how those aspects can help or hinder the other person from understanding the subject. I compared and contrasted the conversation in two different perspectives: the conduit/container perspective and the pragmatist perspective. In the end, I felt that the pragmatist perspective is more valuable than the conduit/container perspective due to its more organized and holistic aspects. As Nelson says, 'The physical - that is, paralinguistic and nonverbal - aspects of act production, as well as the formal aspects of an utterance - its syntax/grammar and vocabulary/word choice - have a significant effect on the understanding/uptake of an interpersonal communication as social interaction actions. ', the physical actions or utterance can affect one 's understanding of the conversation in the conduit/container perspective. Before writing the transcript, I was not fully aware of the words I use in daily conversation. However, after writing the transcript in detail, I realized that I tend to ask lots of questions, hesitate while talking, and use various reactions. Questions that I asked to my friend were mostly

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