The Confederate Flag : A Harmful Form Of Free Speech

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very legitimately be seen as a harmful form of free speech. However in present day, the confederate flag, for the most part does not carry the same meaning or same threat. Many people, who express themselves through the confederate flag as a symbol, do so as a form of showing southern pride or southern heritage. The current symbol of the confederate flag does not display the same form of harm as it did in history. The current flag does not physically harm anyone nor does it present a credible threat that could morally harm someone through fear. This form of free speech does not cause true harm to individual liberties of the people who see the flag. The symbolism of the flag is objective and feeling offended by the flag is based on interpretation. A specific statement of hatred that can be reasonably interpreted as a credible threat is not a form of free speech. In the scenario when someone 's free speech can be reasonably viewed as a threat to another person 's safety, there may be interference. In a scenario where a person has a credible fear because of free speech, then there is a clear infringement on persona liberty. The ability to live life without fear is an individual liberty that should be protected. Fear is an infringement of the right to live and the right to liberty. If someone feels their life is threatened by something, then both their right to life, and right to individual liberty are compromised. Compared to simply being offended by something, which cannot
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