The Confederate Flag : A Negative Symbol Of American Society Since The 1800 ' S

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The Confederate flag has been a negative symbol in American society since the 1800’s. It has been only recently that the Confederate flag has been brought back to life as a contemporary issue. In recent times the flag has been used as a motivation for racial strikes and other rebellious acts bring the issues of the flag and the controversy behind it back to life. The major questions I seek to answer in this essay is why the controversy of the Confederate flag only been brought back up recently and why the Confederate flag was created the way it was. And the overall motivation behind its creation. The Confederate flag has only recently been brought back as an issue because of the recent racial attacks and an overall rebellious acts that…show more content…
While some Southerners did fly the battle flag at their residences to demonstrate their defiance of federal authority during Reconstruction” (2). The Confederate flag after the civil war went from being viewed as the Confederate states battle flag to a flag representing racism. “This “rebel flag” has been displayed as a symbol of racist defiance by Ku Klux Klansmen and others…” (3). The Confederate flag was always debated if it should be flown over state building and buildings “In 1938, the legislature passed a measure, sponsored by Union County representative John D. Long, that mandated that the Confederate battle flag—along with the U.S. and South Carolina flags—be displayed behind the speaker’s desk in the House Chamber” (4). The debate of whether or not their Confederate flag should be flown over state building has been argued since the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and it was only recently brought back up. In the Article "Confederate flags for sale in Leesport Farmers Market" by Ron Devlin, It’s disused how a man named Keith Bredbenner was walking around his farmers’ market when he came across a stand selling all kinds of flags. He was somewhat surprised to see the Confederate flag for sale. He continues to say how the Confederate flags are being discontinued from Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, and eBay. Although you can buy a Nazi flag and even an ISIS flag online, but the Confederate flags have been

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