The Confederate Flag And Its Racist

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One of the most trending topics in America right now is the Confederate Flag and whether or not it 's racist. 42 percent think the flag represent southern heritage and the other 42 percent think it 's racist and should be taken down. 75 percent believe it 's racist and only one in ten will agree that it is southern heritage. Depending on what region is asked about if it is racist, there are different answers. The Midwest say it is racist and the south, of course, say it 's not racist. A poll showed that African Americans, Democrats, and the highly educated were more likely to perceive the flag negatively. The Confederate States of America came into existence on February 4, 1861. It had six states at first and they were the Deep South. Those states were South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana. After April 1861 four upper south states joined. They were Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas. They made they 're own court system and congress. It reflected a lot of the American government. The confederate flag should be taken down because it is a symbol of hate, rebellion and racism.

The first reason the Confederate flag should be taken down is because it is a symbol of hate. More than 620,000 Americans lost their lives at the hands of other Americans. Nearly equal to the total number of American deaths in all other wars combined. The fight for freedom for enslaved Black Americans, or for the Confederates of the South, the fight against

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