The Confederate Flag And The Civil War

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The Confederate Flag

The Confederate Flag is the symbol for the Southern state in the Civil War. It is not just pieces of material. The flag represent families and where they came from. Flags have been a part of history since the beginning of time and the Confederate flag is a large part of the United States history. People need to learn what the flag has represented. The true meaning. Not what they think the flag has represented. Teaching the meaning of the Confederate flag needs to start in the schools with young children. Without knowing the true history and meaning of the Confederate flag the war over the flag may never stop. People cannot change history by removing a flag from a pole, it is history and history will never change. Society can move forward by educating people on the Confederate flag and change the way future generations view this traditional symbol of the South.

With heightened controversy today over the removal of the Confederate flag, it is important to understand the history of it. This history of the Confederate Flag, also known as the Confederate battle Flag dates back to the Civil War. The original 11 Confederate States of America included; Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee and Virginia. They were a Republic made up of the Southern states that seceded from the Union to preserve slavery and political liberty for whites.
Many of the men who represented the Confederate
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