The Confederate Flag Controversy Of Police Brutality

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In modern times, the United States is bombarded with racism and discrimination. From the confederate flag controversy to police brutality, the United States is reflecting a morbid past. Events such as these are fueled by false understandings of race and ethnicity; leading to stereotypes. For the Irish, Jews, and Italians, stereotypes led to severe discrimination from opportunities and isolation from society.
Stereotypes in the past had a significant impact on the Irish people. Stereotypes such as the religion of the Irish: Catholicism. Catholicism brought new holidays: Ash Wednesday and lent. English-raised Americans were scared of these. Leading to the names “vampire” and baby killer” for the Irish’s belief of wine and bread to represent Jesus Christ: Transubstantiation. Then, the Irish were compared to apes and equivalent to the blacks in the South. Irish were now seen as inferior to those of English-decent. Not only were the women unmarried, all the men were young and single. It was assumed any single woman staying in a tenement was sleeping with all the men. Leading to names “Bridget” and “Paddy” being derogatory for the Irish women and man. Whereas in reality, they were street smart and independent. Traditions were twisted into stereotypes, such as the Irish’s “pub-culture.” The men would drink before and after work in order to relax themselves for the day, but was depicted as alcoholism. The Irish people were able to fight the stereotypes, but the discrimination made

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