The Confederate Flag Is A Flag Of Hate

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Is the Confederate flag really a flag of hate? Contrary to popular belief, the Confederate flag does not stand for racism, it stands for freedom. It stands for the men who lost their lives fighting for a doomed country, white and black. It stands for not letting others push you around and control you. I stands for the “bad side” in the Civil War. It is the proof that despite the fact that we boast about being stubborn, we are ignorant to the fact that all we do is follow the crowd. It represents a piece of history incredibly rich, yet so full of sorrow, that we are trying to erase. But people do not see this, they only see hate, and they are too oblivious to truly understand what this symbol of liberty stands for. This is why the…show more content…
In fact, the Emancipation Proclamation states that only the slaves in the southern states were free, about 25% of the original slave population was still legally allowed to be enslaved. Lincoln himself admitted "I would do it if I were not afraid that half the officers would fling down their arms and three more states would rise." Meaning that he feared he would lose half his army (that all were “anti-slavery”) to the South, and three more states would rebel. This proves that he was more worried about losing the war (and the base of the Union economy), than slavery continuing. Also, there was a higher mortality rate for free slaves living in the north, this is why; factory work was one of the only jobs available to immigrants and former slaves. The conditions were horrendous, and most of them died doing a job that paid peanuts. If the Union was even more racist than the Confederacy, why did we become biased against Confederates? Before the war, Nathan Bedford Forrest was one of the wealthiest men in the south, he was a slave trader and he used slaves to grow and sell cotton. He started as a private in the Civil War, but soon after joining, his military prowess was recognized and over the course of the war, he rose to the rank of Lieutenant General. He was very talented, but ruthless, and he hated African Americans. After the battle of Fort Pillow, he ordered his men to massacre the African American
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