The Confederate Flag Was Removed From The Pole Of The Flag

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Heritage Coopted by hate July 10th, 2015, 2,000 citizens stood around the statehouse in Columbia South Carolina to watch as the confederate flag was removed from the pole on the grounds. The removal of the flag had emotions raging in the South, many Southerners believing that the flag was a symbol of heritage, while others thought it was a symbol of hate. But is the flag a symbol of hate, or does the hate come from the people who fly a flag in a negative way? Since the flag was created in 1861, the views of the flag have been coopted into an idea of hate. The Stars and Bars was the first official fag that was adopted by the Confederacy in March of 1861. The Stars and Bars had seven stars in the top right hand corner of the flag to represent the seven original confederate states. The Stars and Bars resembled the Stars and Stripes flags of the Union, as a result this led to confusion on the battle field (Confederate). The Stars and Bars (Confederate). The Confederate Battle Flag replaced the Stars and Bars in order to try and avoid confusing on the battle field. The Confederate Battle Flag had a cross of eleven white starts in the top right of the flag that represented all eleven confederate states plus Kentucky and Missouri. This flag is the most commonly looked upon flag of the confederacy (Confederate). The Confederate Battle Flag (Confederate) The second official battle flag was developed on May 1st of 1863. This flag had the Southern Cross in the right upper
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