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The Confederate Flag of the CSS Virginia: The Stars and Bars were the first official flag of the Confederacy. Although a striking likeness is shared between this flag and to the Union’s “Stars and Stripes,” the symbols are representations of two nations at war; two very different places and mindsets. The Confederate Stars and Bars were flown from March, 1861, to May, 1863 and throughout that time this flag would gain stars at the same rate that the confederacy gained states into their union, until a final count of thirteen. The Stars and Bars were flown as the Confederate Nation’s battle ensign during many battles of the Civil War, including the battle between ironclads, a world-changing battle that took place between the CSS Virginia…show more content…
The ship had seen battle there the day prior when it came up unexpectedly on the Union battleships the Congress and Cumberland. 4 Phillips, B., Dwindle, “Notes on the Monitor-Merrimac fight.” The Southern Bivouac. March, The Southern Bivouac. March, 1887This would be the first time that the confederate iron-clad would see real battle and Flag Officer Franklin Buchanan, knew that “The control of the Roads was critical to Lincoln’s blockade of southern ports and Union plans to attack the Confederate capital at Richmond.”1 With this knowledge, Officer Buchanan prepared his crew to destroy the U.S. ships. The Virginia managed to sink the Cumberland through the use of her bow-ram, which ripped open a hole large enough “to admit a horse and cart”4 into the side of the Union ship. Also, she forced the Congress to send up a white flag, due to the fact that the artillery of the Union ships were no match for the strong shell of the confederate hull; every shot fired from the Virginia to the Congress had much more effect than those fired back. The two Union ships were boarded by the confederate army and prisoners were taken. Later this same afternoon the CSS Virginia met up with the USS Minnesota, she was run aground in the middle of the channel but due to the ebb tide the Virginia let the ship escape until morning in fear of grounding herself and instead, spent the night in the south channel to
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