The Confederate Wins and Losses

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On April 12,1865 Confederate warships bombed the union at Fort Sumter in South Carolina and this marked the beginning of one of the worst and deadliest wars fought in the world. It was a war that only lasted around four years but yet took 620,000 of our brothers, sisters, and children with it. Families were torn apart, sons had lost their fathers, mothers lost their sons, and whole towns lost every man they had to give. A war that we fought on our land, a war that made brother fight brother, killed almost as many men as every war America has fought since combined. At First the Union believed they were going to fight at least a couple battles and it would all be over with, but oh was the Union wrong. They under estimated the wholeheartedly fighting Confederate soldiers, the Confederates were not going to give up that easily what they needed, what they wanted, and their way of life. Between the battle of Fort Sumter a Confederate victory and the First battle of Bull Run anther Confederate victory, there were nine other smaller battles many not large enough to truly be called a battle. Of those nine battles three were won by the Confederates and two were inconclusive. At the first battle of Bull Run, the Union still believed that this is going to be a very short war, they believed it so much that spectators came and lined the sides of the battlefield to watch the Union smash the Confederate Army. Of the spectators most we're just common folk or people near that community, but
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