The Confederate and Union War

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What did the Confederate soldiers believe they were fighting for? According to the text on a larger scale, both the Union soldiers and the Confederate soldiers had stirred feelings of patriotism while fighting the war. They both thought that when they were enlisted that it would be a short war, which wasn’t so true after all. To clearly answer the question at stake, the Union soldiers thought they were fighting to preserve the feral union. They wanted to restore what the text referred to as the shattered nation as well as invade and conquer an larger area than wester Europe. The Union soldiers actually were seemed to be favored more when in comparison with the confederate soldiers. Over 2 million men served in the Union Army. However, as the war went on and the emancipation proclamation became more popular, it was believed that the Union soldiers felt as if they were fighting for the purposes of freeing slaves. This made the Union want to defeat the war even more and most of them didn’t even possess any military experience. The Confederate Army on the other hand had 900,000 soldiers. There were a census of 9 million people actually living on the confederacy and 3.5 million of them were slaves. As stated above, the Confederate soldiers had a lot of feelings and anticipation towards this war. They figured that they were fighting for patriotism as well as fighting for rights. They wanted to fight…
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