The Confederation Movement: The Confederalization Of Canada

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The Confederation Movement

On July 1, 1867, celebrations occurred nationwide as confederation passed and a new independent country was born; The Dominion of Canada. Obtaining the right to confederation was a long and difficult process. The British North America Colonies were having problems in their economical structure, railway system, their government and their fear of the United States. However, some problems were more severe than others. As more problems in each of the colonies rises, the only solution at the time was to form a confederation between all the colonies and joining them into one unified nation. The birth of Canada was unlike other nations; it wasn’t achieved by war or revolution. There were leading causes for confederation both inside and outside of Canada. Internal
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However, Britain’s trade with B.N.A. decreased since they found new trading partners. Because of the expenses, Britain has stepped away from defending B.N.A. in case of an American attack. R.D. Francis, R. Jones and D.B. Smiths stated that Britain is anxious to rid itself of the expense of defending B.N.A. Therefore, Britain is completely for the unification of B.N.A. At the time, B.N.A. feared America’s idea of Manifest Destiny, by which they hoped to take all of North America. In consideration of Britain’s changing attitude, the joining of all the colonies will provide better protection for the country. John A MacDonald states that the unification of the colonies will give B.N.A. a greater step in advance of the American. The external causes had the most effect for confederation. If America didn’t believe they had a Manifest Destiny and if Britain still wanted to keep B.N.A., then a confederation won’t be needed. The political deadlock between Canada West and Canada East will eventually resolve. John A MacDonald will no longer fear the Americans, therefore, BNA will not be in an urgent need for a strong military force. Even though the problems within BNA played

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