The Conference's County Ethnic Breakdown

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Figure 12 shows the conference’s county ethnic breakdown. These figures contain only the counties that are in the Northwest Texas Annual Conference area. By excluding state-level data in favor of county-level data, Figure 12 creates a closer relationship to the actual conference totals. However, the area population does not reflect the demographics of its conference membership.
Figure 13 – Conference’s Actual Ethnic Breakdown

As you can see by comparing the two figures, the Northwest Texas AC’s demographics do not correlate to the geographic area. Northwest Texas contains a large concentration of African-American. Please note that the conference members may self-identity on UMC data forms differently than US census data. The annual conference fails to capture the Asian and most of the African American population.
Figure 14 – Membership by Gender

Figure 14 shows Northwest Texas’ membership as a percentage of gender by church attendance size. The Northwest Texas conference averages 56% females to 44% males. By breaking the conference churches into attendance sizes, a pattern emerges the percentage of males in a church increases as the church size increases.
Review of Congregational Conversation
55% of Northwest Texas’s churches have fewer than 50 weekly attendees (and 9% of the conference’s total weekly attendance) while 9 churches contain 27% of the conferences total weekly attendance. In comparison to other conferences, a large portion of the conference’s

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