The Confession By Augustine Of Hippo

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Some of the largest questions that are present in Christianity are centered around how God reaches out to human beings. Throughout Christianity’s history, this question has been answered and reanswered many times with different results each time. One person who thoroughly answered this question in chapters eight, nine, and ten of his biography, The Confession, was Augustine of Hippo. Throughout this biography, he goes through the struggles, successes, and ultimately the way that God reached out to him throughout his own conversion to Christianity. Augustine explains that God reaches out to humans by the examples of others and changes in their own personal lives.

Augustine begins this writing by explaining the struggles of life without God and how these struggles are so apparent. He says that in his own life, while he was successful, he was “vacillating, bored, and listless amid (his) shriveled cares” (XIII, 2). Although he had everything he really wanted, he felt as though he was missing something. This is then where he brings in his first example of a person that radiated the goodness and truth from God. This man was Simplicanus. Augustine states that Simplicanus, since his youth, had lived in “complete dedication” to God and describes him as “(God’s) good servant, a man from whose grace radiated” (XIII, 1). Although Simplicanus had much less than Augustine, he still greatly looked up to him and wished to be like him in some way. This is the first case that Augustine

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