The Confessions By Rousseau 's Confessions

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In the novel Rousseau’s Confessions Rousseau begins his Confessions by claiming that he is about to embark on an enterprise never before attempted: to present a self-portrait that is “in every way true to nature” and that hides nothing. He begins his tale by describing his family, including his mother’s death at his birth. He ruminates on his earliest memories, which begin when he was five, a dawning of consciousness that he traces to his learning to read. He discusses his childhood in the years before his father left him and his own decision to run away to see the world at the age of sixteen. He often dwells for many pages on seemingly minor events that hold great importance for him. Throughout the Confessions, Rousseau frequently discusses the more unsavory or embarrassing experiences of his life. This novel involves romanticism because Rousseau talks about Meaning and Importance of Families and Love. Your first love is always going to be a parent or family member because growing up they have done so much for you and you probably haven’t experienced true love with a significant other yet. Also he talks about making mistakes. You cannot grow as a human being without making mistakes and in the novel he makes a mistake that he regrets because it was disrespectful to a loved one of his that passed away. Some of the dominating messages of the novel are one, The Danger of Need, two, Development of Self, and three, The Necessity of Freedom. First there is the danger of need.…

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