The Confessions Of Saint Augustine

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The Confessions of Saint Augustine are a plethora of mini-books within a book. There are a total of thirteen books. Each book depicts a short part of his life. Going from infancy to his adulthood. The book all together is his thoughts of sin. The Saint, had a variety of different stories. Have you ever heard the term “ Don 't knock it till you try it ! ” Well, its obvious he 's tried just about everything you can think of at that time. The philosophy that he had for sin is a form of disordered love. He believes that, naturally, we have all sinned because of the fall of man. Adam and Eve ate from the tree which they were not supposed to eat from. He taught that original sin was an act of insipientia . Adam and Eve, could live in a land of paradise as long as they didn 't eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Through temptation and their pride Eve ate from the tree and through ignorance. Adam ate what Eve shared with him. They wouldn 't have plunged into their pride and lack of judgment if Satan, a fallen angel, hadn 't instilled a root of evil into them. With doing that, sin almost becomes a gene of our DNA passed down generation to generation. Even in infancy, one has sinned, he states. “No one is free from sin in your sight, not even an infant whose span of earthly life is but a single day” Even as an infant, you 're covered in sin. Why? “What then was my sin at that age? Was it perhaps that I cried so greedily for those breasts? Certainly if I behaved like that now, greedy not
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