The Confidence Of Wearing Heels

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Sierra Snyder
Mrs. Appleton
English 9B
23 August 2014

“The Confidence of Wearing Heels” -This I Believe Essay

I’m quite tall for my age. 5”7 to be exact. I am tall enough to experience the “Do you play basketball?”, “How tall are you??”, “Have you grown?”, and “Seriously, someone put a brick on her head to make her stop growing!” These things have never really bothered me, until one fateful day a girl came up to me and exclaimed, “You’re never allowed to wear heels!! Because then you will tower over everyone.” And that statement made an impact, much bigger than all of the other statements that I have received in my life. Why, do you ask? It’s because this little girl tried to tell that I was not beautiful
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You probably wouldn’t think much of my decisions to stop wearing heels, or to stop reading what I enjoyed. But… what if something bigger happened? What if something so drastic happened that it changed someone’s entire life? Allow me to tell you a story of a little boy, only the age of five, that I painted in the canvas of my imagination. This little boy, let’s call him Dakota, had such a talent for dance. And he loved it. He loved it so much he took as many classes as his family would allow. He would practice in his room, and he had huge dreams of dancing where everyone could see. Of showing love and joy and passion through what he loved to do. But what if someone told him that dancing wasn’t for boys, that it was only for girls? What if one person didn’t believe in him, what if his dad, told his little boy, who couldn’t think for himself, that he was not fit to be a dancer just because he was a boy. Now, let’s say this little boy, Dakota, grew up to be a big strong man, who got a ‘sensible’ job as an accountant, but was really never happy? If only he could go back, but he can’t. Oh, but what if that ‘father-figure’ simply didn’t tell his little boy his feelings about Dakota’s love for dancing? What if someone had told Dakota that he was a very talented dancer?Oh! What a change that could have made. Dakota could have grown up to be a wonderful dancer, starring in Broadway’s biggest shows, inspiring
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